We hope you enjoy finding out about who we are, what we do and what we believe.

We are a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland who meet on Casselbank Street each Sunday to put God at the start of our week. We take each service as an opportunity to learn about God and we do so by exploring what the Bible teaches us. Our time together on a Sunday is something we greatly value and we always enjoy having visitors along. You are most welcome to join us whether you are passing through Scotland’s capital city, live in Edinburgh or are just keen to visit Leith. At the ‘Foot of the Walk’ you will receive a very warm welcome. We look forward to meeting you!

Congratulations to Ally & Brogan Park

A big congratulations to Ally & Brogan Park, married on Sat 1st of December.

We wish them well as they start this new chapter in their lifes, and also with their move to Catterick where Ally is serving with 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.



Baptism of Matilda & Jemima

Some lovely photos taken at Edinburgh Castle where Colin had the pleasure of baptising Matilda & Jemima (pictured here with their parents Luke & Gilly Malpass).


Memorial Service for Mary Urquhart

There will be a memorial service in Leith Free Church on Fri 16th at 3pm when we will gather to give thanks for the life of Mary Urquhart.
Refreshments will be provided and all are very welcome.

A word from our minister Colin Macleod

It is deeply moving to think that 100 years ago on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the Great War finally ended. Our thoughts at this time rightly turn to the awful cost of conflict suffered in both World Wars and as a nation and commonwealth, led by Her Majesty the Queen , we stop and remember the fallen. It is staggering to think that on the final day of World War 1, with the Armistice set to be signed at 5am, an attack was launched at 420am. On that last morning of warfare on the western front alone, there were 10,944 casualties recorded and 2,738 deaths.

The poppy remains a powerful symbol that signifies our will and resolve to remember those who have lost their lives in the service of their country. And because it speaks of sacrifice the poppy ultimately reminds us of the suffering, brutality, anguish and reality of war. It is right that we pause and remember. It is fitting that in doing so we honour the fallen.

Communion Weekend

We are pleased to welcome Rev Kenny I Macleod, Assistant Minister at Stornoway, who will be taking our communion this weekend. The preparation service will be held in our hall, 9 Casselbank St, at 7.30 tonight (Saturday 3rd November). The Lord’s Supper will take place during our Sunday morning service.

New Evening Service Time

We are running a 6 month trial of our new evening service time at 6pm. Our intention is that this new time might be more suitable for all.

Welcoming our new Deacon.

We are delighted to welcome our new deacon Daniel Maclennan and pray that God will bless him in his new position.




Another fun packed weekend!

What a great weekend was had by all. Saturday began with an amazing testimony from David Murray.

Later we held our congregational BBQ, with some tasty burgers and a highly competitive Colin McLeod controversially taking first place in the ‘potato and Spoon’ race.

Our family service was a real success. The children were thrilled with Colin letting the kids parade his various army head dress around the church. This was a great service helping them understand the helmet of Salvation.