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We hope you enjoy finding out about who we are, what we do and what we believe.

We are a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland who meet on Casselbank Street each Sunday to put God at the start of our week. We take each service as an opportunity to learn about God and we do so by exploring what the Bible teaches us. Our time together on a Sunday is something we greatly value and we always enjoy having visitors along. You are most welcome to join us whether you are passing through Scotland’s capital city, live in Edinburgh or are just keen to visit Leith. At the ‘Foot of the Walk’ you will receive a very warm welcome. We look forward to meeting you!

Get to know us…


Home group!

We have been trialling home groups in various locations over the last little while. Last night we met together and had a great turn out. We studied “New life in Jesus – Timothy” in which we looked at the life and character of Timothy.

A big thanks to all that could make it!



A big congratulations to Iain Macritchie on his graduation from the Edinburgh Theological Seminary

We are very much looking forward to his visit and hearing him preach this Sunday.

[Picture of Iain and his proud parents]


Congregational lunch

On Sunday we heard Colin preach his sermon on “Building your life on a solid foundation” (jump to our sermons page to hear more on that!).

Afterwards we got together in the back hall for fellowship and lunch and even celebrated with a couple of Septuagenarian’s! Congratulations to John Scoales and Jim Bethune!